10 Stocks To Buy in India That Could Make You Rich

By | April 29, 2022

Share investing can be daunting for anyone, whether you’re new to the share market or have been investing for years. You can choose to invest in shares directly or indirectly. If you’re new to share investing and want professional advice, we recommend you discuss your needs with a financial adviser first.

Top 10 shares to buy in India

Today we are going to discuss the best shares you can buy.

1) Indian Infotech And Software Ltd

This company is mainly known for business like finance, software, etc. When this company was listed in the share market, then its price was Rs 2, but as soon as the company performed well, its price went around 45 in a few years. But if we talk about the return of last year, then this company has given a strong return of 680%.In the last 6 months, this share has given a profit of 240%, so again investors or promoters are investing all their money in this stock, if you want, you can buy at least 100 shares by investing only 150 rupees in it


We all know that due to the ever-increasing petrol prices and the shortage of petrol in the coming times, the whole world is moving towards electric mode. India is not behind either. There are many such companies in India that are manufacturing vehicles or parts of electric vehicles, castes, and technologists price is around 1 rupee today. In which you can pick up a lot of its quantity even by investing less money. Big investors mostly focus more on this type of company.


This company is very much discussed because its return sometimes goes up to 10% in a day, so if you want, you can invest in it for swing trading or even for the long term, it is currently trading at 0.50 paise. It is a construction-based business. This company has doubled its money in the last year and three years ago it was trading at Rs 200. If you invest only 100 rupees for 5 years, then it can give a good profit of up to 10000. It is also a good share to buy.


This company is based on a logistics business. Let me give you information that this sector is the most backward sector in India but it has the highest chance of growing in the coming years, so if you want, you can try your luck in this sector. You should try it. Talking about its price they will get shocked because its price is around 0.30 paise and if you buy 100 quantities of it then only you have to spend 30 rupees so in today’s time 30 rupees does not matter.

5) Gvfilm

As the name suggests, this stock is associated with the film industry, which does the work of production, distribution etc. If you look at the starting price, then this company started at Rs.15. In the last year, this company has given a profit of 180% and if we talk about the last 6 months, then it has given a profit of 130%. It is not that you will have to invest a huge amount of money to buy the shares of this company, but if you listen to its price, then you will also be shocked, only 0.80 paise is the price of one share and you can imagine when the entire film industry was in the epidemic. It gave a profit of 180% when it was closed.


Now let me tell you about the business of this company computer parts and exports computer parts for almost every type of computer-related company in India. Along with this, despite being at such a low price, it also exports parts to 20 countries abroad, for which the Government of India has also received awards for exporting its products abroad.

7) Tuni Textile Mills Pvt Ltd

Now, the stock we are going to talk about is the best stock of all the mentioned stocks because of its strong fundamentals, this company is debt-free, that is, there is no debt from anywhere on it. Such is the good part about buying this share. Whether you invest money in stock or not, you should invest your money in it because in the last year it has given a profit of 240% and in 6 months 180% profit to its investor. When this company was listed then its price was 1.60 paise and it also made a high of 270 in a few years but now it is selling for 1.37 paise and it is ready to grow again.

8) Vandana Knitwear Ltd

This company mainly manufactures hosiery goods as well as imports and exports them. The share was listed in the market for Rs 5 and after a few years, it hit a high of Rs 35. But due to some disturbance, its prices kept falling, which are trading at 1.36 paise in today’s time and it is not that it will not grow beyond this price because this company has earned 300% profit in the last 6 months. given to the investor.

9) Swadeshi industries and leasing ltd

 This company deals with cloth manufacturing and mostly focuses on manufacturing Polyethylene. When this company came to the stock market, its share price was Rs 10, which went up to Rs 650 in the coming few years. But right now its price is being sold for 1.32 paise, if you want, you can buy 100 shares in it at an investment of only 150 because in the last year it gave a return of 325%, so it has not stopped yet, it will give profits even further.

10) Tatia global venture ltd

This company works on projects related to textiles and infrastructure. Its initial price was 25 paise which went up to 30 rupees and since then it is trading at 1.48 paise in today’s time. In the last year, it has given a profit of 410%. The main reason for its growth is that this company has been reducing its debt and in the coming times, there may be deflation, so buying it at present can be a profitable deal. You should think about buying its share.


 You can rely on our list of the shares you should buy. You should think about them. It is a good way to add extra money to our pockets.

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